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   hitRECord on your Radio

This audio variety show was put together by Evan and Katelan Cunningham (usernames theboxsets and katelanalivia respectively), and a whole community of international artists via hitRECord.org. Each episode is based around a central theme and includes music, skits, poetry, science, folk tales and testimonials.


Released in tandem with season 2 of hitRECord on TV, you can enjoy a few episodes of hitRECord on your Radio below or find all 8 episodes here.


EP 01 - the Dark - hitRECord on Your Radio
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Well Made

A podcast about the people and ideas behind your favorite online brands. Hosted by Lumi co-founder Stephan Ango. I have been mixing, editing and mastering episodes since 2016.


ERfC Podcast Club

Created during the 2016-17 school year, our after school Podcast Club learned the basics of podcast production while putting together their own 3 part audio variety show. The productions include blind fold taste tests, radio dramas, fake commercials, audio safaris and touching personal perspectives. I had an absolute blast doing this project with our JFK Middle School students. I provided them with prompts, frameworks, and continual production guidance.. 


Episode 1 - Before School - ERfC Podcast Club
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Episode 2 - School Day - ERfC Podcast Club
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Episode 3 - After School - ERfC Podcast Club
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