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"Evan is a joy to work with and he makes my job so easy. Through 100+ episodes he’s become absolutely crucial to our small, nimble content team. He's enabled us to stay on schedule week-after-week, without wavering on quality. He has high expectations for his work, and it shows! We rely on his ear for detail, his technical skill, and his knack of storytelling to create natural sounding, easy listening for the Well Made podcast." - Katelan Cunningham, Editorial Director LUMI


"In a competitive higher education market, it is crucial to have highly professional and impactful video content that cuts through and stands out. Evan delivers high quality production, creative insight, thoughtful video content, and spot-on branding and messaging. He really listened to what we wanted out of our projects and delivered an even better version of what we thought was possible. It was clear this was not just another job. Evan became invested in the success of the project and invested in our mission, and wanted this to be successful for us and for the people we serve." - Melanie DeSilva Director of Marketing UMASS Amherst UWW

"Evan is a creative teacher and multimedia artist who is both energetic and grounded. Evan is friendly, communicative, reliable, and passionate - which makes him so easy to work with, you'll probably end up wanting to be his friend!" - Ali Pinschmidt, Filmmaker and Filmmaking Teacher with 1degreeshiftproductions


"Evan Goodchild's work was above and beyond what I could have ever expected! His timeliness and attention to detail Is flawless. I very much appreciated his open communication and willingness to work within every single parameter I set for this project. I would (and will) hire Mr. Goodchild again for future projects, you would be a fool not to hire Evan! He is simply put, the BEST!" - Blake Alan Earnhart, music producer for Afroduck Sounds


"Mr. Evan ran our online stop motion class. He did a wonderful job of making the class both educational and fun. The best part was the end of the class celebration. It was so great to have family and friends from all over be able to join and enjoy the amazing movies the kids were able to produce." 

Meghan Glasgow, Youth Services Librarian


"Thank you very much for your time teaching the online Stop Motion classes!  The celebration was fun!   Our daughter loved this class and looked forward to it each week.  I am sure that she will be sharing her next animation with you! She also really enjoyed the escape rooms.  I am truly thankful for you and the Canton Library for providing a sense of normalcy for the kids during this time.  Thank you for helping to spark an interest for our daughter!"  - Anne C, parent